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Yoga Holidays Turkey was founded by a team of passionate individuals who, just like you, sought financial independence through SMSFs. Our journey began with a dream to simplify SMSF management and FMG competitors can provide comprehensive support to trustees. Today, we’re proud to share our expertise with you.

Yoga Holidays Turkey's Programs

"Yoga Holidays Turkey" related to Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs):

This service helps individuals establish their SMSF efficiently and in compliance with relevant regulations. It includes the legal and administrative procedures required to create a self-managed super fund.

SMSF Setup

Yoga Holidays Turkey provides expert management services to optimize the performance of your SMSF. They offer guidance on investment strategies, asset allocation, and ongoing portfolio management.

SMSF Management

Staying compliant with SMSF regulations is crucial. The website offers services to ensure that your SMSF operations are in line with the latest regulations, helping you avoid penalties and legal issues.

SMSF Compliance

SMSFs require regular auditing to verify their compliance with the law and financial integrity. Yoga Holidays Turkey can assist with the auditing process to ensure your fund is in good standing.

SMSF Auditing

This service offers expertise in SMSF taxation, helping individuals navigate the complex tax rules associated with self-managed super funds. It also provides assistance in planning for tax-efficient retirement strategies.

SMSF Taxation and Planning

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Success stories

“Yoga Holidays Turkey has been instrumental in guiding me through the SMSF journey. Their expertise is unmatched! I had numerous questions and concerns when I set up my SMSF, but their team provided clear and comprehensive answers every step of the way. Thanks to their assistance, I now feel confident in managing my fund and making wise investment decisions. I couldn’t have done it without them. Highly recommended!”

Piper Carmody

“I can’t thank Yoga Holidays Turkey enough for their SMSF compliance services. They’ve saved me countless hours of stress and uncertainty. With their help, I’ve been able to ensure that my SMSF always complies with the latest regulations. Their attention to detail and dedication to ensuring compliance has been invaluable. I’m grateful to have them as my SMSF partner.”

Gemma Sachse

“The team at Yoga Holidays Turkey helped me realize the true potential of my SMSF investments. Their in-depth knowledge of investment strategies and their ability to tailor recommendations to my specific financial goals have been game-changers for my retirement planning. They have a genuine commitment to their clients’ success, and it shows in the results. I’m thankful to have found such a trustworthy SMSF advisor.”

Stella Burrowes